martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

Yo fui un ilustrador-lobo adolescente

A group exhibition at Magatzems wall&video c/ Turia 53 Valencia (Spain)
From the 9th of Octubre untill the 9th of Noviembre, 2008

The Opening to the “Flamin’ Fingers, I was a Adolecent Warewolf Illustrator” will be on Thursday the 9th of October at 7:30 pm, Magatzems wall&video c/ Turia 53 Valencia. It exhibits a body of work by the new FLAMIN’ FINGERS collective. Lluis, Mr. Bratto, Isa Santana, El Nerdo, Luis Demano and Mik Baro. These five gentlemen and a lady, have come from different parts of the globe, but they all met eachother in Valencia, they have joined forces to bring closer to the publics eye their own brand of gutter art: Concert posters, Rock illustration, Tattoos, Punk doodles, and dificult to exhibit lowbrow art.

The Opening be held simultaniously with the 4th FUNTASTIC DRÁCULA FESTIVAL, which will be on this same weekend in Valencia. FUNTASTIC DRÁCULA FESTIVAL’s opening will be a few hours after the exhibition’s opening and will be a couple of streets away, at Sala Magazine C/Perez Escrich 19 (zona Juan Llorens).

Our exhibition will be on for a month, we await your visit!!!

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